Album: "Radio Activity Rapp/Radio Activity Syndrome" - Single
Label: Rappers Rapp Disco Co.
Producer: Rich Cason

Rich Cason was on fire from 1983 to 1988. There are at least 15 12-inch vinyl releases-you can quickly spot them in the wild by their slate-gray labels-marked at the top with RAPPERS RAPP DISCO CO., which was the symbol of high quality and unusually entertaining electro music that was “produced, arranged and conducted” by Phoenix native Rich Cason, a former funk organist who used a variety of pseudonyms for his 1980s productions, including Captain Rapp, Galactic Orchestra, and Magic Mike Crew.

If you have to pick just one for the ages, make it “Radio Activity Rapp,” where Bamabaataa's steel-on-steel electro meets the fat-ass wallop of Roger Troutman. The blueprint for G-funk and pretty much everything else is contained in this song, including the seeds for DJ Quik, Battlecat and Soopafly. “Radio Activity Rapp” remains perpetually fresh in Los Angeles, so much so that every few years it gets recycled to great effect, most recently in 2006, when Tha Dogg Pound sourced it for their regional hit “Cali Iz Active.”