Album: The Predator
Label: Priority
Producer: DJ Pooh

In 2012 an internet addict with too much time on his hands determined the exact date of Ice Cube's “Good Day” by making a list of everything that's mentioned in the song, and using a highly fallible method of deductive logic. He came out with January 20, 1992.

A critical detractor arrived at a different date: November 30, 1988. In the midst of these calculations, a charmed public excitedly brought word to Ice Cube, who, when he was eventually contacted, said something to the effect of: “Dudes… it's just a song.”

Of course, “Today Was a Good Day” is much more than a song; it's a timeless incarnation of Southland ambiance. What the Internet fanboys didn't understand in their well-intentioned quest to locate the calendar date of the mythical “Good Day” was that his good day is our every day.

Donuts, basketball, Fatburger, the Goodyear Blimp. When the song gets specific, it gets eternal. (Warning: Running intersections has not yet been officially condoned and the Supersonics are now the Thunder, who beat the Lakers.) As soon as that Isley opening kicks in, it's clear that this isn't a song about a date, but a state of mind.