Album: "L.A. L.A." - Single
Label: Street People Record Co., Saturn Records
Producer: John Lundy, Greg Ware

Funkmaster General was a pen name for the songwriting and production team of Greg Ware and Jon Lundy. “L.A., L.A.” is one of dozens of songs that appeared in the wake of Ronnie Hudson's “West Coast Poplock,” which changed the sound of ghetto party music in Los Angeles. “L.A., L.A.” is shoddy, unstable, lyrically thin, and seemingly improvised, but these all are things that make it great.

It is a premier piece of basement funk with all the mold left in, and even though the redundant hook is no more complicated than a toddler's carseat rhyme, it somehow epitomizes the hallucinatory spirit of early L.A. electro, when there were no rules and aspiring producers were encouraged to be as bizarre as possible, as long as they could provide a glutinous low-end assault on par with Funkmaster General.