We stan a relatable queen, and there might not be anyone more relatable on Twitter than SZA. Ctrl, released in 2017, was universally beloved and launched SZA into the spotlight—the album appeared on year-end lists, became source material for a headlining tour, and earned her five Grammy nominations. Since then, SZA has collaborated with Maroon Five and Cardi B, and linked with Kendrick Lamar for the lead single from the Black Panther soundtrack. To say that she’s killing it would be a severe understatement.

SZA’s music has gained her a fervent fanbase because of just how much people connect to her music, how vulnerable her lyrics are, and her perspective on love and relationships. She’s frank and open about what she shares in her music, and the way she runs her Twitter echoes that.

Unlike other celebs, who tend to tap out of Twitter once they make it big (or have an assistant run it for them), SZA still very much runs her own account. From requests for help to mere acknowledgement, she’s always chatting with the people who adore her and her music. So while fans queue up Ctrl on repeat and get in their feels, checking out SZA’s Twitter gives them an even deeper look behind the scenes of her life.

Above all else, the way SZA remains incredibly positive about life and her passions is a bright spot on a social media platform that’s garbage most of the time. Here are 15 of SZA’s best tweets, many of which will kick you in the ass and inspire you to get to work on your passions.