The cover photo of Suki is about three years old. Photographer Paris Aden tells Complex that the OVO camp reached out to her randomly and asked to use the shot for the album cover. “Drake just saw the photo I guess, and they asked if they could use it for the album,” Aden explains over the phone. “I shot that shit a long time ago. It was her profile pic and he probably fell in love with what he seen.”

But how and why did Drake choose this specific photo? At this point, we can only guess. Drake has a well-documented love for Houston, so it isn’t a huge surprise that he would be drawn to an image of a woman from the area. Or, perhaps more likely, Drake just saw her profile photo on IG, thought it looked cool, and decided to use it for their cover. Everything about the rollout for Her Loss has been a spoof of a normal album rollout so far, so it’s only fitting that they’d choose a head-turning image and catch people off guard.

UPDATE [12:10 a.m., November 4]: According to a new Instagram post from Lil Yachty, he is the one who found the image and chose it for the cover. “I Chose This Cover Because This Photo Is So Raw… So Authentic.. Not Fabricated.. Suki Can And Will Only Be Suki,” he wrote. “MY BROTHRRR @aristatalovich BROUGHT IT TO LIFE…. HER LOSS 🦉🗡️ FUCK WHO AINT WIT US.”