Just two days after YouTuber Charleston White claimed he and his crew maced Soulja Boy, the “Crank Dat” rapper took to social media on Friday to set the record straight.

“If I knew that you n***as was gon’ get on the internet, talk all of this gangsta shit, all of this crazy shit, and reach in your girl purse and start spraying pepper spray in the air running, n***a, like it’s a trail, n***a, running with pepper spray, what the fuck!” he said.

Soulja went on to call out Charleston and his crew for pulling out pepper spray on him, saying, “You n***as so scared of me, y’all n***as gotta pull pepper spray out your bitch’s purse? Running with pepper spray? What the fuck?”

He continued, “I thought you n***as was gangsta. N***as pulling out pepper spray and doing the dashboard. N***a, stop talking about Big Draco. N***a, stop saying my name, n***a. Got you n***as pulling out pepper spray and doing the dash, n***a.”

As reported by XXL, Charleston revealed during an Instagram Live chat on Friday that he maced Soulja and his crew during a confrontation in Miami.

“They don’t know if they’d been tased,” White said. “They don’t know what happened to thatt.”

White added, “I hit they muthafuckin’ ass one more time just for goodness sake. [Soulja Boy] said, ‘Bruh, you maced me?’ Yeah, n***a … That n***a said, ‘I just wanna talk.’ … Next time you n***as better holla with a bullhorn. You better use the police bullhorn and say, ‘Hey, we wanna talk.’ Other than that, shit, you can’t just walk up to a n***a like me hollerin’ about you wanna talk. I don’t wanna talk to nan son of a bitch. Hell nah … What if he hit me across my head with one of them rings, put that eye out?”