Fresh from dropping off a typically clean feature on JAE5’s latest single, “Dimension” alongside Nigerian singer Rema, grime veteran Skepta has hinted that he’s set to retire from making music.

While the heavyweight collab continued to trend on Twitter after dropping at midnight last night, Skepta took to his Instagram stories to share some thoughts on the track and his plans for the rest of the year. 

Talking about the newly released track, Skepta wrote: “Still can’t believe Jae5 called the song “Dimension” 😩😂 such a nonsense name lol”. 

Shortly after that, Skepta dropped the shock news that he was planning to dip out from the music game for the foreseeable future. The Boy Better Know megastar wrote: “This Jae5 song/video featuring Rema and myself was recorded and shot last year in Ghana”, before continuing: “I have one more song with Bando & L’s that we also recorded in 2020, after we drop that, I’m out”.


While fans got hyped for the upcoming collab with OFB’s Bandokay and Double Lz, Big Smoke’s next story caused a lot of fans to stress over his future.

The next story post, which was placed over the top of the palm of his hand with paint on it, said: “Any verses you hear of mine this year, were all recorded last year. I’ve stopped recording 2021 🚫”.


While many fans were expecting an album from him this year, after Skepta jumped on live last year to confirm he was working on it, it now looks like he might be trying his hand at different things in 2021. 

It’s fair to say the fan reaction has been pretty shocked with Big Smoke’s recent news: