While we now know that hip-hop royalty can coexist in one city, Nas and Jay-Z haven’t always been on the best terms. 

Geto Boys legend Scarface opened up to N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Drink Champs about the history of Nas and Hov’s relationship this week, revealing that Scarface’s 2002 track “In Between Us,” which was featured on his album The Fix, had to go through some changes. 

As the MC shares, Nasty Nas may have gotten a little too nasty on an early version of the cut, dissing Jay several times throughout his verse, at times in a graphic nature. 

“And Nas, the first verse he took, was some of the stuff he laid down on ‘Ether’, some of those lyrics,” Scarface said. “‘I hope your wife cook your food with her period blood’ or something, you know.”