Beep beep! You and your bestie could still, potentially, be in a Tessi.

Saweetie took to Twitter Sunday to shut down rumors that she was faking her Tesla giveaway, which she announced earlier this year to coincide with the release of her hit song “Best Friend.” After a Twitter user claimed the rapper “used her fans for streams” with the giveaway—adding that she was “personally a fan until realizing how fake she is”—Saweetie decided to clear the air.

“The fake news concerns me these days,” she said. “*update* the 1rst winner was underage & the replacement is unresponsive so we have to go through the process again.. a true supporter knows my character &knows I don’t play about my business. U were never a fan babygirl let’s talk about that.”

The user ended up deleting their initial tweet, and fans are now waiting for Saweetie to pick her next Tesla winner, to potentially ride around with their bestie. 

This all comes as Saweetie’s new Teen Vogue cover sees her discussing her upcoming debut album Pretty Bitch Music and her journey to get here, which included some not so favorable business opportunities.

“I remember basically just having the opportunity to get some money, but in doing so I would have violated my morals and my values,” Saweetie said. “I was broke but I was like, I will never do anything to disrespect myself … no matter how desperate I get. That’s a story within itself, but I think it was a moment where I was like, it’s okay. You’ll eventually get what you want out of life as long as you’re praying and working hard.”