On Tuesday, the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment announced it had partnered with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy for a new course this Fall.

The school, which opens this Fall at Brooklyn’s Long Island University, is set to launch the Creative Promotion in Media program with the company when enrollments open later this year. Students who take part in the course will be taught how to better understand advertising and marketing in the modern era. Among the classes will be “Hood Marketing 101: How Blackness is Bought,” “How to Be a Good Troublemaker,” and “Nothing is an Accident.”

“Through our partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, we are offering Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment students unique and true value as well as deep insight into the creative world, which will benefit them regardless of their career path,” said Long Island University president Kimberly R. Cline.” Wieden+Kennedy is perhaps best known for creating Nike’s iconic “Just Do It” marketing campaign, but the company has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including the Coca-Cola Company, and McDonald’s.

“How culture gets made is mostly a mystery,” added Michael Hagos, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy. “We want to show more people how to get in the room, how to claim a seat at the table, and how to channel their unique voice and creativity to solve business problems.” Michael Hagos will be among the guest lecturers for the program, while others involved include head of planning at Wieden+Kennedy Dr. Marcus Collins, copywriter Courtney O’Donnell, and filmmaker Tania Taiwo.

Last month, it was announced that 9th Wonder would be joining the faculty of the school as a visiting professor and artist in residence. Prior to his time with the school, the iconic hip-hop producer also taught hip-hop history at NCCU’s Music Department in 2007. Megan Thee Stallion also recently revealed she would donate a four-year scholarship to one student at the school, and she would turn up as a guest lecturer in the near future.

Hopeful students can apply to enroll at the school this Fall here.