Rihanna’s Fenty brand has been sued by a musical artist who alleges that she received death threats because the company played the wrong version of her song during Savage X Fenty’s 2020 fall show.

The musical artist—who filed the suit anonymously—said that Fenty played the wrong version of her song, titled “Doom,” that includes a sample of holy Islamic proverbs, according to TMZ. Following the Savage X Fenty show, which was live-streamed to millions of people, she said she became the recipient of threats, including ones of decapitation. Rihanna had originally contacted Chloe to play the song during the fashion show.

Legal docs reveal that the artist told Fenty which version of the song they should use since there were two versions: one with the religious chants and one without. When the incident first came to light last October, Chloe apologized online and said that she was unaware that the songs she was sampling included sacred text.