Rick Ross is known for making lavish purchases, but in an interview on REVOLT‘s new show “Assets Over Liabilities,” Rozay said he bought a million-dollar house in Atlanta so he could "look at it."

“Homes was something I was always fascinated about, so me and my homies started coming up to Atlanta,” Ross said. “We used to ride by here all the time [we would pull over] and just be like God damn.”

Once the rapper started making money, he decided to buy a home to relive the feeling.

“I bought a million-dollar home maybe two minutes from here that I still own that’s right around the corner just so I can ride by it every day while I’m in Atlanta, and that’s what the play was,” he said.

Aside from buying mansions, he recently bought his son a Wingstop restaurant for his 16th birthday and agreed to pay $11K a month in child support to Briana Singleton for all three kids.

His 11th studio album, which he just announced last week, is also set to be titled Richer Than I’ve Ever Been. The cover art shows the rapper dressed in a white outfit so lavish the internet roasted him for it. “This album is special to me in many different ways, as a teen they don’t see the value of maturity and growth,” Rick Ross said of the project in a statement. “Imagine being 30 years old and being broke, but really life is just getting started. Everyday I’m able to breathe this delicious oxygen is really why I’m richer than I ever been, my 11th studio album… I’m excited.”

Check out the full interview with REVOLT.