A representative from the U.S. Virgin Island used lyrics from Run the Jewels and GZA songs to prove a point during impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Democratic Rep. Stacey Plaskett quoted RTJ’s “Early” and the Wu-Tang Member’s “Breaker, Breaker” in order to prove a point about Trump inciting the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot. “The truth is usually seen and rarely heard,” she said, quoting GZA, followed by El-P’s lyrics, “Truth is truth, whether denied or not.” She continued, “And the truth is, President Trump had spent months calling his supporters to a march on a specific day, at a specific time, in specific places to stop the certification” of Joe Biden. 

Plaskett shared that portion of her speech on Twitter as well, writing, “During my presentation in the impeachment trial yesterday, I made two references from the hip hop genre.”

Upon seeing the tweet, El-P jokingly wrote, “welp apparently i was quoted during the impeachment trial today and i can’t say i didn’t see it coming. ok i didn’t see it coming.”


Later, El shared another quip to his timeline, writing, “i’d like to thank high school for kicking me out, fear for inspiring my writing, weed for everything weed does and Nostradamus for predicting this moment probably.”

“Early” appears on RTJ’s 2014 album Run the Jewels 2 and “Breaker, Breaker” is from GZA’s 1999 album Beneath the Surface.

GZA and RTJ also shared the moment on their accounts, while Killer Mike posted Plaskett’s tweet to his Instagram Story.

According to Billboard, Plaskett was once a prosecutor in the Bronx. On Wednesday, she became the first nonvoting delegate ever in U.S. history to serve as an impeachment manager. She was also reportedly the only Black woman in the chamber on Wednesday, as well.