Price: $100k
Source: Instagram Live
Date: October 2020

“Stop asking me for verses… If you don’t got $100k, I’m not doing it,” YK Osiris declared on Instagram Live in October 2020. While the Jacksonville, Florida rapper has found some notoriety, thanks to singles like “Valentine” and “Worth It,” it’s difficult to find receipts to back up YK Osiris’ lofty asking price. As of 2021, YK Osiris has yet to deliver any huge features. In 2019, he appeared on DaBaby’s single “Gospel” along with Gucci Mane and Chance the Rapper. The single peaked at No. 55 on the Billboard Hot 100, but attributing the track’s success to YK Osiris would be overlooking the influence of the three other artists, who have much bigger platforms. So it looks like YK Osiris may have to put in a little more work before he makes such a big ask.