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Quando Rondo further addressed the incident that claimed the life of King Von.

During part 2 of his interview with Angela Yee, Rondo described the night was an “out-of-body experience,” while dispelling claims that he was trying to take King Von’s chain as the rapper was dying in the street. 

“This like being in Afghanistan and two soldiers shooting it out with two other soldiers,” he said at the interview’s 3:30 minute mark. “And a bag of money in the middle of the ground. Ma’am. You think people in the middle of a shootout. … So many bullets flying. You think people thinking about that bag of money? … Only people with bad intentions, doing clout chasing stuff, looking to take a n*gga chain.”

Despite all the talk surrounding Quando Rondo’s beef with King Von,Rondo insisted to Yee that he’s never had an issue with Von. In fact, he claims that the two parties had never had a face-to-face interaction until that night. 

“I don’t know where none of that came from,” Rondo said. “I never in life had words with them. Ever! I did not know that was him. I swear. This is on my life. This is on Neighborhood Crip. I did not know this was him until the next day.”

Tensions are rising between Quando Rondo’s camp and King Von’s OTF collective. Since the shooting, Rondo’s shows have been canceled due to threats of violence and Von’s fellow Get Back Gang member, Lil Reese, vowed to live up to the crew’s name