There is no bigger figure in popular culture for the Rollin 60 Neighborhood Crips than Eugene “Big U” Henley. Since they both claim the same section, it came as a surprise to fans when Big U and Quando Rondo were seemingly at odds. Now, during the latest installment of his interview with Angela Yee, Quando explains how the whole exchange was blown out of proportion by fans. 

Big U made an appearance on the Breakfast Club where he alluded to Yee and her co-hosts that Rondo was reaching out to him to seek protection following his hand in King Von’s death. Yet, Rondo tells Yee during their one-on-one interview that it would be too late for him to try to rally Big U and Los Angeles Rollin 60s at the time he made contact with Hannibal.

“The little situation or whatever. That happened six months ago. If I was calling for protection, I would’ve called then,” he explained before defending Big U. Rondo claimed that the fans took Big U’s comments out of context. 

“To be honest, fans took that and said that. (Big U) never said that I called him for protection on that show,” Rondo continued. “He never technically said that. … But the way Unc put it, that’s how fans would’ve took it in.”

Big U understands the way his comments came across to fans. As a result, he took to social media where he made it clear that he hadn’t spoken to Rondo directly at that point. Instead, he assumed that the call would be about something “negative” and he’s not entertaining things that are detrimental. Yet once he realized that the conversation was about contributing to his various charities, he took it upon himself to clear the air.

“I ain’t got nothing but love for nephew,” Big U told his Instagram followers. “I’m not in the midst of nothing the kids got going on.”