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One of the few redeeming features of lockdown has been the opportunity to waste an entire day, guilt-free. It’s going to be a rare pleasure again, once lockdown has fully lifted, but it’s one that rising singer-songwriter Zachary Knowles has captured on his new single, “Dancing In The Kitchen”.

“Let’s put the stress to the side / You and I, we can have a good time,” he sings in this timely new pop tune. Fans of Knowles will notice it’s a little more upbeat than his usual output, swapping downcast subject matter and bittersweet melodies for unabashed pop joy.

Speaking on the new single, Knowles says: “Honestly I just wanted to write a really happy song with this one. Usually, my songs have sad undertones, so I felt like it was time to write one that was just happy and felt good all the way through. When I’m doing the dishes I always blare music and dance, so I wanted to share that feeling with others and give them something we could both dance to.”

Now with a few years, two EPs and a weighty stack of singles to his name, Knowles has notched up some pretty formidable streaming figures. There’s no word of a full-length album just yet, but there’s plenty of time ahead of him to worry about all that. For now, hit play on the visuals at the top and make sure you add “Dancing In The Kitchen” to your playlist.