Last week, emerging singer Rmarni released her first ever single, “So High”, a hazy but buoyant piece of R&B for the poolside, and today she returns with the track’s visuals. The song came about after a chance meeting with John Legend and Rihanna producer Circa '95 in Los Angeles and is supposedly the first of many. 

To mark the release, she’s called on director Nix to give the track the calming, carefree visuals it deserves. Switching between shots of Rmarni by the pool, chilling with her friends, and kicking back in the clouds above, the focus is on relaxation and, as she told us via email, contentment: “To me ‘So High’ is understanding where I was and where I am now; being able to remember the highs and the lows of love and being content with where I am today,” she explains.  

Hit play on the visuals at the top and make sure you add “So High” to your playlists.