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Leicester-born, South East London-based singer Lucy DK has been on quite a journey since she debuted in 2015 with her three-track Cosmopolitan Girl EP. Her smoky, blues and soul-touched R&B sound has found fans across the U.S and Europe, including Miami-based rapper Lackhoney, who joined her on her 2019 single, “Family Drama”.

Just like “Family Drama”, which examined her own turbulent childhood, her new single, “Queen Bed”, sees Lucy bare her soul once more with stunning directness. The new song unpacks her struggles with depression and uses it as a vehicle to promote greater awareness of mental health issues, particularly among Black women whose compounding traumas are all too often dismissed out of hand.

To bring this sensitive issue to life, Lucy’s called on director Reece Selvadorai. Framing Lucy on, appropriately enough, a queen bed, Selvadorai contrasts the glossy pinks of the bedspread against a pitch black background. Like much of Lucy’s music, it may be packaged up in a sultry and laid back exterior, but beneath that lies a deeper message to give you pause for thought.

Ahead of the single’s official release tomorrow, May 20, press play on the visuals at the top.