Multi-instrumentalist and former frontman of dreamy indie-pop outfit Smooth Ends, Kevin Erlicher has been doing his own thing as Loverground for a little over a year now. The Smooth Ends duo, which he formed with friend Luca Oliva Knight, was put on hold a few years ago and ever since then, Loverground has been honing on a slightly more club-focused sound, but one that’s still just as hazy and light-of-touch.

The latest example of his new sound is “Pup Slushy”, a subtle dancefloor number with a driving beat that’s neatly balanced by Erlicher’s feather-light vocals and painstakingly delicate melodies. Gentle and airy, there’s also a hint of warmth creeping in at the edges and, as he explains below, it’s no coincidence he chose to release it as the seasons change.

That lightness of the track, he says, is “an ode to spring, a celebration of good times to come. It is inspired by the ice cream van at the park in front of my house, which has a big ‘slush puppie’ sign and kids queue for hours to get one. When I see the ice cream truck through my window, I know spring is here, and that summer is coming. This is the first single of my upcoming EP, Whatever Happens, Happens, which will be an ode to summer.”

Whatever Happens, Happens drops in July via Majestic Casual Records. While we wait, tune in to “Pup Slushy” below.