Raised in between Essex and London, Kida Kudz has been steadily building a vast catalogue of what he describes as ‘Afro Jiggy’ for almost a decade now. For the past couple of years, he’s been holed up in the studio, tirelessly working on a project he’s almost ready to reveal. Before he does, though, he’s lifting the lid on visuals for new track “Animalistic”.

One of his more melodic cuts, “Animalistic” explores incarceration, the societal implications, and the dehumanising effect it has on prisoners. For the visuals, he’s teamed up with iO Filmworks to breathe life into the subject with scenes of Kida performing in front of a burning bus surrounded by the striking imagery of brightly lit lanterns swinging in the breeze.

Sharing his thoughts on the track and its video, Kida Kudz explained: “Writing ‘Animalistic’ was a spiritual process for me. I woke up early one morning, grabbed my pen and paper… started jotting down to the instrumental and tapped into the forces I needed; the lyrics just flowed from me. I was painting a perfect picture of an African boy speaking to his people, trying to preach to them in a kind of way.

“You can vibe to the song but at the same time it is sending a message across to young people to stay up and stay woke! ‘Gangsterism got us locked in prison’ was a real life story of a family member that had been taken away that same morning when I wrote the verse. These are real things that I put in my song, things that are happening around me and that other people are experiencing in the world.