Fresh from collaborating with Jords and Masego on the high-rolling, celebratory “Enemies”, Kadiata is back with something more subdued and a just a little bit darker. His new single, “Toxic Toxic”, as the name suggests, is about him doing everything in his power to resist a toxic relationship he knows will only bring out the worst in him.

Produced by Sokari, it carries a woozy, minimalist instrumental and Kadiata’s tone is almost meditative here, just about raising his voice above a whisper to utter lines like, Stay where you are, he pleads, worried that he’ll take it too far. Although he doesn’t say for certain, the odds of him resisting temptation don’t look good.

As with everything Kadiata does, the visuals from director Fin Frew are beautifully stylish, a mixture of dark woods, soft pastels and pinks, and organic green and brown tones. It’s as subtle as the track itself and all the more potent for it.

Press play on the video at the top and make sure you add “Toxic Toxic” to your playlists.