A few years ago Nick Murphy took a break from the Chet Faker moniker, opting to release music under his birth name for the years that followed. Last year, however, he returned to the name and we’ve since had three singles as Chet Faker, including his most recent endeavour, “Whatever Tomorrow”.

Since reviving the Chet Faker moniker, Murphy’s commented that he sees his music as a way of offering a little light into people’s lives, particularly given the last year of hell we’ve all been through. “I felt like the world was hurting,” he says, “so I thought, ‘I can do a small something to give people some joy.’” 

The new single arrived yesterday and with it came word that his third studio album, Hotel Surrender, was on its way. 24 hours later and he’s now dropping the visuals. Rendered in a grainy, 1970s public access sort of aesthetic, there’s a certain surrealism to the visuals, adding a touch of levity to a creative outlet he’s also described as “mass therapy”. 

Sharing more of his thoughts on the track, Murphy commented: “It’s a rebellion to this idea that you have to wait for the things you need. It felt like we were being sold tomorrow and we were paying for today. I was saying, ‘Fuck your tomorrow, we deserve our lives now.’”

Hotel Surrender drops July 16. Hit play on the visuals at the top and be sure to add “Whatever Tomorrow” to your playlists.