While discussing his upcoming album and SNL appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone detailed the tattoos he and the Kid Laroi gave each other in the studio.

Fallon asked about some of the features set to appear on Post’s new album Twelve Carat Toothache, highlighting Laroi. The host proceeded to get into the tattoo Post gave his collaborator, which the two previously revealed on social media. Malone explained that he got one from the 18-year-old Australian rapper, too.

“This was actually while we were recording the record, I think,” said Post at the 6:40 mark above. “So we’ll break it down. He was wearing a denim forehead wrap…no, just joking. So, it’s a man, and he has some clogs on. Indicated here, by the clogs. … It kept growing, too. It originally was a stick figure, and he was like, ‘Alright, keep going.’ And everybody who was there, was like, ‘Does he need a hat, though?’”

He added that he gave the stick figure’s hat a nice feather, and that Laroi “insisted” on the tattoo having the “full-blown fists” for hands. 

“The interesting part, as if this isn’t interesting enough, is that Kid Laroi returned the favor and gave you a tattoo,” said Fallon. Post confirmed “that’s true” with a laugh. 

He described the tattoo—even cruder than the one he gave Laroi—as “the story of my life.” They showed an image of the ink, which reads “I have 2 shit.” When asked why he agreed to get it, Post said with good humor, “Because I had to. … So, we just freestyled these, so I must’ve really had to poop, back at that time.” 

Watch the interview up top, and see Fallon and Posty play “Point, Turn, Sip” below.

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