Pardison Fontaine went all out celebrating his one-year anniversary with Megan Thee Stallion

Pardi provided his Instagram followers with a visual breakdown of how their special day unfolded, revealing Megan really wanted an iPhone 13, but he was unsuccessful. “I don’t know who bought all the iPhone 13s but baby was mad as hell I couldn’t find her one,” Pardi wrote.  

Instead of an iPhone 13, Megan received a Luxe VVS Jewelers-created chain with her name on it. She wore a “Pardi” chain in her recent appearance on Hot Ones

Megan posted a series of photos from their anniversary, including a snap of their dinner menu titled “Hibachi Wit a Hottie,” an idea borrowed from Pardi’s Valentine’s Day menu, which read, “Pardi With a Hottie.” The photo dump was captioned, “Pardi girl,” which he commented, “4EVER KINDA THING.” 

Megan previously mentioned in a YouTube Q&A that she and Pardi want to get hitched… one day. “I’m not getting married right now,” she said, adding, “But I do want to marry him… He want to marry me.” 

On the day of their one-year anniversary, Pardi shared a touching video, set to “All of Me” by John Legend, which included the caption, “YEAR 1 ….. FOREVER TO GO.”