Tensions between OJ da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame boiled over leading to explosive Instagram videos. 

On Wednesday, OJ took aim at both Waka Flocka and the rapper’s mother Deb Antney.

“D**k in the booty ass n***a you a whole hoe, p***y ass n***a,” OJ da Juiceman said in an IG Stories post mentioning Waka Flocka. “You ain’t on no gangster s**t I ain’t neva seen you do nothing gangster p***y ass n***a… You and your weak ass mama. F**k both of y’all.”

OJ and Waka Flocka’s issues started when da Juiceman made an appearance on the Big Facts podcast. While talking to one of the show’s co-hosts, Big Bank DTE, Juiceman claimed to have signed a bad deal with Deb Antney and her Mizay Entertainment record label. According to him, he didn’t receive any money from his breakthrough album, The Otha Side of The Trap, despite featuring big hits like “Make tha Trap Say Ay.”

“Them folks killed me,” he said to Big Bank. “Boy, I ain’t make no money of The Otha Side of The Trap… I ain’t get one coin from that.”

Juiceman alluding to Antney’s bad business didn’t sit right with her son prompting Waka to take to Instagram where he called OJ lame for making false assumptions.

“This lame what I’m finna do,” Waka said on his own IG Stories. “Bruh, you lame as f**k… Talkin’ ‘bout n****s stole from you. P***y ass n***a. You know who stole from you, you lame ass n***a. Stop puttin’ that sh*t on my mama, n***a. Yes, I’m gon’ say this.” Waka went on to clown OJ for “crying” about stolen money. 

After firing back at Waka Flocka and his mother, OJ da Juiceman made it clear that he was merely telling his truth and that he doesn’t need to rap to have money. 

“Not one time did I come on that motherf**king show talking ‘bout I need some money back,” he said. “I came into the game with paper! You need to rap for money!”

Watch OJ da Juiceman’s full appearance on the Big Facts podcast below.