The daughters of The Notorious B.I.G. and Jam Master Jay have opened up a New York-style pizzeria in Los Angeles called “Juicy Pizza.”

The pizzeria, which was named as an ode to Biggie’s 1994 hit “Juicy,” was birthed by T’yanna Wallace and Tyra Myricks as a means to add some authentic New York ‘za to a community that, in their opinion, simply lacked good pizza. “I realized that LA doesn’t have good NY style pizza,” Tyra wrote in February on Instagram. “So instead of going on an endless hunt for some I decided to make some!” The pizzeria finally celebrated its grand opening this Saturday.

Located at 615 N. La Brea Avenue in Fairfax/Hollywood area, “Juicy Pizza” will only operate during dinner hours and will center its menu around cheese and pepperoni pizza. The menu will also throw in a few other local New York offerings like oxtail, beef and broccoli, jerk chicken and chopped cheese egg rolls.

T’yanna was four and Tyra was 10 when they both lost Biggie and Jam Master Jay to gun violence, and as of last year, both were in the fashion industry. Myriks was the head designer of Drake’s OVO clothing line, while Wallace owned her own clothing boutique in Brooklyn. The latter spoke about her father Biggie Smalls in an interview with Hot 97 back in 2017, saying that her father was “a funny person.”

“He was jokey...he was just a big bundle of joy and everyone loved him and everyone loved being around him,” she remembers of the hip-hop legend.