Freshly signed to Interscope Records, Brooklyn R&B singer and songwriter Nia Sultana has shared the sleek video for her latest track, “Ambience.” Catch the premiere above.

“When I was writing the song, I wanted a feel good song that talked about women’s experiences from a place of fun and sexual liberation,” Nia told Complex of the single, which also dropped today. “All women go through similar experiences when dealing with men and I wanted to write for the women currently going through what I touch on in ‘Ambience.’”

As the first single from her upcoming EP, “Ambience” is an impressive introduction.

To coincide with the release of the track, Sultana also released its two-part music video directed by Brilliant Garcia and featuring a preview of another new song, “Element.”

“I started off with just having a concept of the duality of feminine and masculine energy women have,” Nia explained. “I wanted to channel that in the visual and make it realistic by telling a story other people could relate to. The first part of the video for ‘Ambience’ focuses on the masculine energy—‘I’m taking my power back’—and the second half taps into the more feminine feelings of being beautiful, flaunting that and being open to love which helped transition into the snippet of an additional track of mine, ‘Element.’”

As for what Sultana has coming next, she teased that she thinks fans will “love my growth.”

Check out the premiere of Nia Sultana’s “Ambience” video up top.