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Meek Mill, Michael Rubin, and the REFORM Alliance secured a monumental victory in Virginia today. 

The REFORM alliance with the help of Justice Forward VA, the American Conservative Union, and Faith and Freedom were able to sway the Virginia legislation to ratify a bill that puts a cap on probation terms. The new HB 2038 law—which will go into effect on July 1, 2021—will limit adult probation sentences to a maximum of one year for misdemeanor offenses and five years for felonies. Prior to this law, Virginia was one of seven states with no probation restrictions.

Probation is something that has plagued Meek Mill’s life since he was a teenager. His well-documents probation plight helped politicians see how impactful and unjust probation can be on a person who is trying to better their lives. 

“When people directly impacted by probation and our broken criminal justice system, like Meek Mill and others at the REFORM Alliance, get behind those of us fighting to make a difference on these issues, we can create substantive and meaningful change,” Delegate Don Scott said. 

Meek Mill’s involvement in HB 2038 came after Justice Forward VA issued an open plea to the rapper on Twitter.

Meek saw the cry for help and used his celebrity and other resources to help change Virginia’s future. 

Like most initiatives involving the REFORM Alliance, community assistance is also a focus. As a result, HB 2038 doesn’t just stop at probation reform. It will also provide relief to people whose lives have been devastated as the result of technical, non-violent violations.