Time stamp: 8:55

Meek doesn’t want to make music as his primary job forever, telling Speedy he might quit his “day job” within the next four years.

“People don't really be fucking with me like that, so I'ma keep charging the doors every three, four months on some rapping shit, probably. I got like three, four years left," he said. Asked if that means he’s serious about retiring, he implied that he is, but won’t rule out making some music again.

"Really, I've been rapping since I was 23. I can't be performing forever, I probably got two, three more years,” he explained. “I think these years are the last I'm going hard with music. I'm going to pursue other stuff, I'll still make music. But going on tour, working on an album for six months, being away from my family that long, I give up. Let the young n***as come up next, and see who's like… Move me out the way." 

He clarified that rap just won’t be his “day job” anymore, and he’s still expecting to release “four, five more albums” before then.