Majid Jordan are gearing fans up for their long-awaited comeback.

The R&B duo returned Thursday night with “Waves of Blue,” a record they premiered during the most recent episode of OVO Sound Radio. Shortly after the premiere, members Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman confirmed the song would serve as the first single off their third studio album—the follow-up to 2017’s The Space Between.

“Hey, everyone. It’s been awhile. We miss you,” Majid Jordan said in a video message. “We spent time listening, feeling, learning, and we’re ready to share our experiences with you. The story begins with our new song ‘Waves Of Blue.’ It’s the song that takes us to the place that we all want to be: our wildest dreams. We’re working on finishing our next album, so stay tuned, and we’ll see you soon.”

Majid Jordan released a brief statement on the track and the story behind it.

“’Waves of Blue’ is like staring at the ocean. You’re not in the water, but you’re still getting carried away by its currents. It’s the story of someone’s desire to love and be lost in that love,” the duo explained in a press release. “’Waves of Blue’ was made at the very beginning of this album, and it only makes sense that we begin our next chapter with this song.”

You can stream “Waves of Blue,” which is the OVO duo’s first record release since 2019’s “Superstar,” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Majid Jordan has been pretty tight-lipped about their forthcoming project, and have yet to announce an official release date; however, they did touch on their overall goal for the project during a 2020 interview with Complex Canada.

“More than ever, Maj and I keep wanting to make that album, all cohesive, that you really don’t skip,” Ullmann explained prior to the pandemic. “You can just play it for 40 or 50 minutes, and it takes you somewhere, and there are ups and downs. We think about this stuff constantly.”

Stay tuned as more information becomes available.