“What do I wish I knew when I was first starting out?” For most people that’s a question asked during a moment of reflection, but for Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen it was a call to action. 

Known professionally as the production team Stargate, Hermansen and Eriksen announced plans earlier this year for the Los Angeles Academy for Artists and Music Production (LAAMP), a one-year music program with accomplished mentors such as Jetson, Jozzy, Neyo and John Cunnigham. Based out of LA, LAAMP was created with the goal of assisting aspiring producers, artists, and songwriters in refining their skills by creating a community of meaningful collaboration, industry exposure, and mentorship. 

“Mikkel and I have been around some of the most talented and driven people in music and it’s taught us a lot,” says Hermansen. “Someone gave us a break when we were starting out, now we want to give the next generation a break.” 

That’s why Hermansen and Eriksen are offering up a limited number of full-ride scholarships to attend LAAMP this fall. To apply, all you have to do is fill out a simple form on LAAMP’s website. The Grammy-winning duo behind Billboard hits such as “Black & Yellow” and “Rude Boy” encourages producers and musicians from every background to put their bid in for a shot at this unique opportunity. However, the essential criteria for a future LAAMP student is the ambition to define their voice. “We don’t want a cookie-cutter,” Hermansen says. “We want people that are hungry, have a growth mindset, and that are already doing something.”

At the end of the nine-month program, each student will walk away with 50-100 new songs under their belt, industry connections, and, most importantly, feelings of empowerment. Eriksen and Hermansen hope that students leave their LAAMP experience knowing that they can make their ideas and dreams come to fruition—even if they decide not to pursue a career in music. “Whether they do music for a living or not is not our goal,” Hermansen says. “The lessons we teach can be applied to any endeavor in life.”

To apply for the LAAMP scholarship, hit up LAAMPmusic.com now.  

LAAMP Stargate in Studio
Image via LAAMP