In an interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, Lizzo answered whether she would face off against Saweetie in a hypothetical “food Verzuz.”

The topic came up after the hosts mentioned Lizzo sharing a video of herself eating a vegan pickle dog and dipping it in peanut butter. Saweetie is known for her inventive food combinations, as well, and the hosts suggested she could “one up” Lizzo when it comes to weird experimental combos. They then asked whether she would battle Saweetie in a food-centric, Verzuz-type event.

“Here’s the thing, y’all just think Saweetie eats random combinations,” the “About Damn Time” artist said at the 30:00 mark of the interview. “It’s not that uncommon, people be eating like that, it’s just don’t nobody talk about it. Because it’s so, you know.”

The hosts highlighted some of Saweetie’s strangest concoctions, including Capri Sun Cheetos, whatever that entails. Other notable combos she’s showed off include ramen noodle seasoning on oysters, and spaghetti with ranch dressing.

“Capri Sun Hot Cheetos?” Lizzo replied. “She’s on to something! My food combinations are fucking disgusting. I’ll do mustard and watermelon. It’s just…we not the same! … But I do shit that’s unthinkable, that makes people…yeah. It makes them gag.” When the hosts asked if the recent SNL guest host/musical guest wanted the smoke in a hypothetical faceoff, she appeared to issue a challenge.

“Okay Saweetie, you gonna do coconut water and berries? Smoothie cereal? … I don’t know, I’m the vegan version, that’s it,” Lizzo determined.

Earlier in the interview, she spoke about the “divide” between women rappers, often instigated by media and fan interactions. “I don’t think there’s as big of a divide as people think,” she said at the 14:30 point. “I think we perceive the divides, and a lot of times create and feed it.” She referenced how when she interviewed the likes of Missy Elliott and Da Brat, among other iconic women rappers, they spoke fondly of the camaraderie available. “I think it’s very possible now,” said Lizzo.

The Special creator also briefly addressed the ongoing debate as to whether Doja Cat is a rapper, which Lizzo touched on in her interview with Angie Martinez earlier this month.

“I saw Doja perform at Coachella last night, and she was spitting,” she said at the 7:00 point in the new conversation. She made similar comments in her new interview with Big Boy, and mentioned she was “proud” to see how far Doja has come without ever changing her personality.

Watch both interviews above.