South London-born singer, songwriter and rapper Ling Hussle has unveiled her new project, I Hope You Like This—a strictly R&B, six-track offering from the sometimes rapper. 

Just like June’s Still Here EPLing’s latest is another featureless venture. But make no mistake: this powerhouse packs enough vocal charm and vigour for two. 

I Hope You Like This opens with the relationship thesis “Fool”; Ling’s sharp pen bursts out of the track, storying post-breakup personal growth over an electro-trap-themed instrumental. Equally, the penultimate cut, “In The Morning”—with its guitar-led composition complementing Ling’s smooth vocal style—is another highlight.

Announcing the EP via Instagram, Ling Hussle said: “Three days went behind this. Sometimes even I need reminding that not all things need to be as complicated as we make them; real stories is enough to get it done, and I always say if you’re an honest musician, you’ll never run out of things to say.”

Stream I Hope You Like This in full below.