Juice WRLD’s untimely death once again reminded fans of the hold drugs can have in the hip-hop community. Yet, Juice WRLD’s label head, Lil Bibby, explained to VladTV that the rapper did have people around him that cared about his health and sobriety. 

During a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Lil Bibby reveals that he got Juice WRLD to agree to go to rehab before his accidental overdose.

“We already had him signed up for rehab,” Bibby said. “He agreed to do—because that was like pulling teeth with him.” Bibby went on to disclose the catalyst that forced him to urge Juice to enter rehab. 

“I found out that he was doing four (Percocets at a time). So I get to freaking out. Like ‘What the fuck.’ I get to telling people like ‘Look we got to send this kid to rehab,’” Bibby explained. “I’m telling everyone because I’m thinking ‘That’s a lot.’ Because all people I know only do at the max one. … And these is the 30s.”

Bibby then disclosed that Juice’s team found out that he was doing more than doses of four Percocets about a week before his death. At that point, Bibby and those close to him held an intervention informing the rapper that he had no choice but to go to rehab for the sake of his career. Yet, this didn’t have a dramatic impact on Juice. 

“He said: ‘Alright, I’ll go. I’ll go,’” Bibby recalled. “‘But I’m not stopping.’ Like, ‘I’ll lower my dosage … but I like doing it too much.’”