Three people including Kodak Black’s close affiliate, Syko Bob, were injured during a shootout in South Florida, The Sun-Sentinel reports

Per police, the shooting took place at an intersection in Lauderhill, Florida in broad daylight on Monday. Syko Bob and two other men were driving in a tan car when a black BMW pulled up and shots were fired. Syko Bob’s car tried to speed off but struck several cars in traffic forcing it to stop. The BMW approached the car again and more shots were fired. This time, Bob’s car returned fire. 

When authorities arrived, they found both of the cars without passengers and shell casings scattered throughout the scene. They later learned that bystanders helped the wounded get to the hospital. All three of the victims were treated and released from the hospital, but are refusing to talk to the police about the incident. 

“All three victims refused to cooperate with the investigation and provided no details on the events,” Lt. Michael Santiago said to The Sun-Sentinel. 

Police are still looking for the driver of the BMW and have not released the victim’s names. They did however confirm that one of the injured with Sniper Gang’s Syko Bob. Bob is a rapper that is part of Kodak’s collective. He has close to 116,000 followers on Instagram and is frequently pictured with Black. 

Keeping with the trend of silence, Bob got on Instagram Live where he denied being involved in a shootout or reports that he was injured.

“Please stop talking about ‘get well,’ when sh*t ain’t wrong,” he said. “Don’t send me sh*t about no ‘get well’ no more when sh*t ain’t happen to me.”