Days after he announced that he’s working on his memoir, Kid Cudi says he’s started writing the first chapter of his first book.

“Started writing the first chapter of my book. Its comin together really well," Cudi wrote on Twitter. "Tellin my story in my own words is scary, but I feel like it needs to be told. I feel like everything will make a lil more sense as to why you all met such a troubled boy in the beginning."

Just last week, Cudi said that he had plans to work on a memoir. “I’m finally gonna tell my story,” he said. “The full story. All real. All honest.”

Cudi has been branching out from music for a while now, having most recently starred in Ti West’s slasher X, which he also served as an executive producer on. He’s also gearing up to release his new Netflix special, Entergalactic. The project, due to arrive on the streamer on Sept. 30, will coincide with the release of an album of the same name.