Netflix just debuted the trailer for Kid Cudi’s animated Netflix project Entergalactic, which releases this month alongside his new album of the same name.

The original animated special, which was initially conceived as a series, is due to debut on September 30th. The story follows a young artist named Jabari, who is voiced by Cudi, as he’s forced to balance the success of his career with that of his romantic life. Cudi’s voice talents will be complimented by Jessica Williams as Meadow, the main love interest in the special, and Timothée Chalamet as Jabari’s best friend and drug dealer.

The trailer for Entergalactic showcases the distinctive look of the animation, and offers a preview of the new music that will arrive with the companion album. 

Upon the release of the trailer, Cudi expressed his excitement on Twitter. “I am so excited for u all to experience it,” he wrote. “You have NO idea what ur in for. GET FUCKIN READY BABY.”

The cast is rounded out by Ty Dolla Sign, Laura Harrier, Vanessa Hudgens, Christopher Abbott, Jaden Smith, 070 Shake, Teyana Taylor, Arturo Castro, Keith David, and Macaulay Culkin.

Entergalactic is everything I’ve always wanted to do, create a long-form visual companion to an album," said Cudi of the album that arrives alongside the Netflix special. "It all started with the music which helped bring this storyline and these characters to life. Entergalactic is unlike anything I’ve ever done, certainly my most ambitious project to date; I can’t wait for you to finally experience it.”

Entergalactic isn’t the only acting project that Cudi has on the way. After starring in Ti West’s X earlier this year, Cudi is scheduled to appear in Disney’s upcoming coming-of-age sci-fi movie Crater. He’s also tapped to star in Hong Kong action director John Woo’s return to Hollywood, Silent Night.

Check out the trailer up top.