Key Glock has returned with the sequel to his 2020 mixtape Yellow Tape, and like its predecessor, it comes completely featureless.

The Memphis rapper has had one of the steadiest come ups these past few years. After aligning himself with Paper Route Empire CEO Young Dolph, the pair have collaborated relentlessly and released their Dum and Dummer project in 2019 which helped Key Glock gain even more exposure to the masses.

From there, Glock put out the original Yellow Tape in 2020, which peaked at #16 on the Billboard 200 and included production contributions from Southside, Kenny Beats, and more. Yellow Tape 2, which has so far spawned the singles “Toolie,” “Ambition for Cash” and “Da Truth,” showcases Glock’s evolution as a rapper, and will at times feature him alongside his alter ego, (or as he puts it on social media his “twin”), named Glizock. Production for the project will come from Tay Keith, Juicy J, Sosa 808, Budda Bless, and others. 

“I never liked doing sequels,” Glock said of the project in an interview with HotNewHipHop. “I never planned on even doing a sequel, but it’s more of, like, a statement. That color, it was my great-grandmother’s favorite color. Y’all look at it like it’s yellow. I look at it like it’s gold, ‘cause I’m a player.

Glock cotninued, “But I just had to keep it going because the first one made so much of a statement, and I had to let ‘em know it’s actually yellow tape. When you see yellow tape, you know what it means— caution, beware, something dumb happened, something about to happen. But I’m letting you know it’s still yellow tape— this shit still happening, still about to happen. Like for real.”

Check out Yellow Tape 2 below.