The ever-evolving Donda experience adds another layer this month with the arrival of the long-teased Yeezy Tech x Kano Stem Player. 

The device allows for the customization of any song, including the ability to split any song into stems, facilitating a truly immersive listening experience wherein a fan can also tweak virtually any facet of the recording to their liking.

As still stated on the official Kanye West site, the device “ships with Donda,” though recently shared clips of the devices arriving in the fans of hands show that there’s much more to the story. The Stem Player retails for $200 and is still available to purchase.

Fans have already started tallying up the reported album tweaks over on the always-active WestSubEver subreddit. Of particular note here, and as heard in subsequently shared footage, is that a version of “Life of the Party,” which—as previously reported—features a verse from André 3000 that was immediately regarded as an all-timer.