Yeezy season is never really over. 

Kanye West—or Ye, the artist formally known as Kanye West—has surprise released an extended version of his latest studio album Sunday night, in the form of Donda (Deluxe).

The record features additional tracks, like “Life Of The Party” with Andre 3000 and IRKO, “Remote Control pt. 2” with Young Thug and Kid Cudi, “Up From The Ashes,” “Never Abandon Your Family,” and re-purposes the original “Keep My Spirit Alive” as a second part, making room for the Kaycyy version yet again. The upload was initially spotted by Donda’s Place, and shared to Twitter, shortly before 8 p.m. ET. 

Notably, “Life Of The Party” swaps the once-leaked earlier Drake diss, which caused some controversy months back, for an alternate Ye verse. The initial version fans heard, leaked by Drake, left Andre sharing that the track he “received and wrote to didn’t have the diss verse on it.”

“Up From the Ashes” finds Ye in new territory on Donda, singing over some smooth guitar chords with a choir backing, and he gives another emotional vocal performance on “Never Abandon Your Family.” “Remote Control pt. 2” features a new Cudi verse, while “Keep My Spirit Alive pt. 2” is the version fans initially heard on Donda’s first upload. The other part is the version with Ye vocals manning the chorus. 

The new additions bring Donda (Deluxe) to a whopping 2-hour run time, marking Ye’s longest effort to date by a long shot.

The release wasn’t too much of a surprise for fans paying attention, though. Last night, a group of Ye clones hit the streets of New York, rocking his latest get-up of black pants, black bomber jackets, black baseball caps, and apparent prosthetic masks. The clone-Ye’s took pictures with fans and walked in unison, so it was clear something was at least going on. Well, now we know it was (likely) leading up to Donda (Deluxe).

Stream the album on Apple Music and Spotify below.