Kanye turned some fans off when he began incorporating his controversial political views in his music. On 2018’s “I Thought About Killing You,” Kanye referenced his infamous “slavery was a choice” quote, rapping, “Sorry, but I chose not to be no slave.” On Pusha-T’s single “What Would Meek Do,” he spoke about wearing his MAGA hat. “If you ain’t drivin’ while Black, do they stop you?/ Will MAGA hats let me slide like a drive-thru?” Kanye also stirred up some controversy for “Closed On Sunday,” which showed support for Chik-fil-A, the fast food restaurant notorious for its Christian background and anti-LGBTQ stance. Despite his questionable choices in the past, it’s very possible that Kanye will be leaving his MAGA era behind on this album. As mentioned above, he’s staying quiet and out of the headlines as he’s publicly distanced himself from politics. It wouldn’t be a Kanye album if there weren’t newsworthy bars here and there, but we don’t expect to hear lines about Donald Trump, MAGA, or political parties. —Jessica McKinney