Justin Bieber sees similarities between himself and the late 2Pac in connection with their respective beliefs regarding a higher power.

During a Power 106 interview on Wednesday, the “Honest” artist was asked by morning show co-host Letty about 2Pac’s “connection to God” in light of Bieber’s own “deeper connection” in that area. Specifically, Letty cited the 2Pac track “Who Do You Believe In” as an example.

“Wow. Yeah, I mean, as you know, I’ve always been a big 2Pac fan. … But yeah, I definitely have grown in my journey with my faith,” Bieber said around the 1:46 mark in the video up top. “And I definitely feel like we have some similarities when it comes to just our conviction about wanting to tell people about God’s love for them.”

In the 2Pac referenced by Lee, the revered artist says in the hook that he’s putting his “faith in God” and asking those experiencing grief to do the same. Bieber, meanwhile, has leaned further into God-focused subject matter in recent years, including on his most recent album Justice.

Also in the new Power 106 interview, Bieber was asked by Teddy Mora about putting together a Canadian edition of the proverbial Mount Rushmore featuring who he considers to be the all-time greats from the region. Bieber ultimately selected Drake, The Weeknd, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Shawn Mendes, and himself as the artists who should be included in such talk. Sadly, Canadian rock band Simple Plan—who recently experienced a viral TikTok boost—was not mentioned.