Back in January, Joe James warned us that 2022 was going to be a busy one—and that’s turned out to be a huge understatement. Having already released four projects—BRUCE, Pure Connery, Get Money, Go Missing, and Crawl—he’s back with a fifth called Skullduggery.  

The new project features a few new names—Bueno on “Ronaldinho”, CHIROVAMUTANDA on “Brick To Bush”, Ashbeck on “Moloko” and Bro on “Free Bro Outro”—each of them meeting him on home ground, bringing fresh perspectives to Joe’s surefire combo of twinkling, dreamy beats and deep-voiced delivery. 

It looks as if last year was a period of unrivalled productivity for Joe, who took to Twitter earlier in the year to explain how quickly they all came together. “Wrote and recorded Pure Connery within the space of 48 hours,” he says, “wrote and recorded 90% of Bruce within 2 or 3 days—nearly all of my projects were written and recorded within the space of a week. I am sitting on 3 devastating projects as we speak, and one groundbreaking album.”

By our reckoning, that pretty much brings us up to date. Whether or not he’s sitting on any more projects for this year isn’t clear, but we doubt very much that he’s putting his feet up anytime soon (even if he has earned a rest).