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Joe Budden might be preparing for his return to rap.

After putting down the mic to become a media mogul, Budden vowed to never return to the booth. But now, it seems like the podcast executive is warming back up to the idea of rapping again and it all may be thanks to Benny The Butcher. While reviewing Benny’s new Pyrex Picasso tape, Joe teased the idea of jumping on a track with Benny to stop him from ripping through beats. His co-hosts then mentioned that Benny actually sent him an instrumental, but Budden shied away from the record. 

These comments caught Benny’s attention. The Griselda co-capo took to Twitter where he offered to A&R and executive produce Joe’s comeback project. 

“lol let me pick all the beats for a new @JoeBudden tape and drop it on @BSFRecords would be crazy trust me,” Benny said in a quote tweet containing Joe’s comments on the podcast. Joe didn’t completely turn down the idea. In fact, he responded with intrigued eye emojis.

Along with toying with Benny, he hopped in Elliott Wilson’s Instagram comments where he promised fans that he would be back soon, and urged anyone who wanted to rhyme with him to “keep the same energy” they have right now.