In an appearance on the FlipDaScript podcast, Jim Jones refuted reports that he got into a physical altercation with Freddie Gibbs at a Miami restaurant.

“I did not put my hands on nobody in Miami, at all,” he said when the subject of the fight between Gibbs’ party and Jones’ entourage was brought up. “I have no idea, what’re you talking about, bro. … If I did anything in today’s era, we would all see it. What are you talking about? I haven’t seen this, is it on YouTube? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” 

Whether he was simply playing coy on the situation or not, Jones maintained that the alleged incident never happened. “In the past he may have said some things that were not the nicest things that you would say about a person,” he said of Gibbs, noting that it “threw [him] through a loop” when he heard the rapper had dissed him. Jones was asked if the beef between them was “squashable,” and he appeared to question why there would need to be any apologies in the first place.

“He doesn’t have to apologize to me. … Why would I need to apologize to him?” he continued. “I never did anything to this man. … I don’t remember being in any restaurant and a fight broke out. I don’t like to go to them type of places where all the hip-hoppity stuff and these guys, they—you know what I mean? The big chains on and very aggressive. I’m not into that. That’s not my style. I just do music and try to stay home and stay out of the way.”

Jones added that he likes to avoid conflict in general, especially when it comes to other rappers. "These guys are actually crazy. I’m scared of most of them. Like, it’s a scary thing," he said. "You ever been in a room with a bunch of these rappers? They, like, so fucking scary. I had to hold onto my money and make sure I put it in my sock."

The alleged fight was said to have gone down in 2020, and Gibbs addressed the situation last year on The Breakfast Club. He didn’t offer too much in the way of details, but he said there was “some furniture moving.” Ultimately he described it as “like a food fight,” and “nothing crazy.”