Jay Electronica is sending a lot of light and love to one of music’s geniuses.

On Wednesday, Electronica crept out of the shadows to let Kanye West know that he has everything he needs within himself to weather this personal storm.

“@kanyewest from afar, seems like Almighty God is putting His final touches on His Mighty Sword (you). I would imagine the pain is intense,” Electronica tweeted. “After this though, you unstoppable. Flame on King! and as for the rest of em, my mom would just say ‘well Son, fuckem.”

With a followership nearing 374,000, Jay Elec follows exactly two people: ’Ye and Louis Farrakhan.

Kanye’s personal life has been anything but peaceful as of late. After more than six years of marriage, West and Kim Kardashian are inching toward a divorce. Like most of their relationship, their split is playing out in the public via Kardashian’s hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In the series—which is airing its final season—Kim has started to allude to the causes of their split, pointing to his erratic behavior and ill-advised presidential campaign. The crumbling of the West-Kardashian empire will reportedly cost the rapper close to $2 billion

Despite this, Jay Elec believes God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. He also thinks Kanye is resilient enough to spin this hay into gold.

“@kanyewest I literally CANT WAIT so see your next Beautiful moves and offerings,” he added in another tweet. “Thank you for all of the Beautiful ones you’ve given us thus far.”

That was followed minutes later by a Mandalorian reference that could be related to the encouraging tweets: