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During a recent show in Miami, Jadakiss brought out Lil Wayne and offered his praises of the wildly prolific and beloved rapper. The two have collaborated a number of times throughout their careers, and welcoming Wayne to the stage, Jada gave some perspective on just how quickly Weezy writes his verses. 

“You know what he done for the culture, you know what he done for hip-hop,” Jada said as be brought out Lil Wayne during the show. “It’s only a few n***as I can send a verse, and he send that shit back before I finish rolling my backwood up.”

This isn’t the first time Jadakiss has praised Wayne, previously linking up with DJ Khaled for an Instagram Live chat last year. Jada suggested that during one particular studio session, he witnessed Weezy record 12 features. It’s never been hard to work out how Wayne releases so much music when he records at a pace like that.

During a recent chat with GQ, Jada and his groupmates in the LOX suggested they didn’t expect their Verzuz event with Dipset would have the impact it did. “We always work around the clock, but I definitely didn’t expect the Verzuz to have the magnitude it’s had; I can’t front," explained Styles P.

Check out the clip of Jada bringing out Lil Wayne at his Miami show above.