Ja Rule has gone from Queens to the Ivy League. 

On Tuesday, the rapper revealed he had completed an entrepreneurship certification program offered by the Harvard Business School.

"I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut...," Rule said in a tweet containing his online certificate. He also hinted at being a student at Harvard on Instagram.

With this certification, Rule will be able to apply his business savvy to "evaluate opportunities, manage start-ups, and finance ventures."

50 Cent (with the help of Dave Chappelle) might've turned Ja Rule into an easy target for trolls, but Ja has always had a knack for business.

Although his hand in the FYRE app was a failure, Ja Rule has used his personality and celebrity to boost other businesses around the globe. With his new certificate from Harvard Business School, he can prove that his self-taught market and development skills have been certified by one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.