IDK has arrived with the new video for his song “Dogs Don’t Lie” off his sophomore album USEE4YOURSELF

IDK makes sure his art lives in the same universe, and the settings he utilizes in this visual connect perfectly to the images we received in the visualizer for the album, where the artist is seen tinkering with handmade Gameboy consoles surrounded by rugged terrain and canyons. In “Dogs Don’t Lie,” it appears the Maryland rapper is traveling to the scenic destination where he first introduced the album. 

When explaining his creative process to Complex, IDK said he writes his own strings, melodies, and transcribes the sheet music himself.

“I always layer the skeleton of what I want to do down, and try to make sure it’s as on-point as possible,” he explained. “I tend to write my own strings, or me and [Blue] Rondo and Eden [Nagar] will sit down and write the strings. I’ll write the melody and they’ll actually put it to sheet paper for people to play. So me and them usually do things like that. Arrangements usually follow lyrics, but sometimes it all happens simultaneously. There’s no one way.”

Along with the new visuals, IDK also announced that he’ll emark on “part one” of his North American USEE4YOURSELF Tour with Ameer Vann, featuring stops in Boston, Rolling Loud New York, Portland, and more. He dropped the presale tickets and a chance to purchase 10 of his exclusive custom-made Gameboys.

Watch the new video for IDK’s song “Dogs Don’t Lie” up top.